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Apr 3, - Silly Calabrel, we all know you fight the Enderman last. permalink; embed . Livin in a hoooooooooole, since I lost my, girl. ( Wall_Dough.

Minecraft: STORY MODE: The Last Place You Look - Part 14

He is also able to summon any type of drug at will,chloroform being his favorite to use. He uses daggers and swords to defend himself from his brothers,the ones that wish to kill him. What Rwptile To Victims First of all he grabs the victim and pulls out two roses one is blue the other is red the blue rose means you cant date anyone else.

The red rose means you can except his lust and love. God minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile going to do anything for you because he wants you to maintain both the freedom and the capacity to just get off your lazy butt and do it yourself. The default response to being dumped by someone is to devote yourself to making them watch their family die slow, painful deaths.

When the dead evil cats come back It's like a frickin' soap opera. Then it turns out she's the reincarnation of Cinderpelt, who died protecting her, and she finds out because Jayfeather shows her, and then Yellowfang is mad at him because StarClan is mad at her for telling him to tell Cinderheart because the clan needs more medicine cats for the apk game hentai 3d battle minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile the the Dark Forest, which Ivypool, Cinderheart's apprentice, is part of, along wih Tigerheart, the xnxx sisster brorther ShadowClan mate of Ivypool's sister Dovewing, who is also Lionblaze's apprentice, who's related to Lionblaze because it's his father's sister's son, only not really because Brambleclaw wasn't their father and Squirrelflight wasn't their mother, Squirrelfilght's sister broke the warrior code and had a mate from Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, who she tried minscraft run away with but came back to her clan when w attacked.

Then she had kits and Squirrelflight pretended they were her own to protect her sister because she was a medicine cat and medicine cats can't have kits and they all found out when Hollyleaf, Lionblaze's sister told everyone at the gathering and she found out because Squirrelflight confessed it to them when Ashfur was about to kill them as revenge for Squirrelflight choosing Brambleclaw over him.

Then when Brambleclaw finds out Squirrelflight has been lying to him all this time he leaves her What ever happened to "Sandstorm was mad at Fireheart, so he apologized and they confessed they loved eachother.

We have cookies last I checked xxx pornlogin was hot chocolate, marshmallows, cake, pie, and ice cream too. You get a really cool crazy laugh! Practice with me, people: You get to walk out of shadows mysteriously and freak out the good guys! Someone to get things for you when you're too lazy to do them yourself Now that's the life! Ever notice that we are usually much richer than the good guys? Write a prophecy about how 1's beginning and 4's ending and 4's beginning and 3's beginning will save esx clan.

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Games sex waptrick android say 'If you can't beat them, beat them', because they will be expecting you to join them, so you will have the element of surprise! List twelve of your favorite characters from your fandom, in no particular order. Then answer the questions about them. Rythian couldn't believe that they were actually kissing. He pulled Zoey closer, while Zoey deepened the kiss.

Suddenly they heard a surprised intake of breath, causing them to break apart. Rythian and Zoey jumped apart in surprise, both blushing furiously. Lalna just stared at the two of the for a moment, his heart sinking. No, no, she only came to his house for supplies that one time. Of course she'd be back with the mage. Covering minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile his hurt, he snickered. Tell me Zoey, what did porno alien game pay you to kiss him?

Lalna just smirked enerman them and said, "Fine, fine. You two have fun. Ignoring them, he flew off into the night. Today old Sipsy's gonna teach you how to make a--hey Sjin, where's all our food?!

Seven kidnaps Two and demands something from Five for Two's release. Hannah, if you want me to let Shaundi porn go, you need to stomach tentacle fuck me something very important! Zoey, you haven't even kidnapped me, I could leave at any time.

Not that I have reason to, considering that this is my house too Everyone is invited to Two and Seven's wedding except for Eight? How does Eight react? And you expect me to just forgive you? Nine arrives too late for Two and Seven's wedding? What happens and why were they late?

Hannah, Nilesy, how did you get here, you live on an island, and not only that, you're drunk! Nine murders Two's best friend Has to be someone on the list.

What does Two do to get back? Rythian gasped at the lifeless body of his best friend. Nilesy crept timidly out of his hiding place, terrible guilt washing over him, and tears streaming down his face. Approaching Rythian was the worst possible thing he could do, and would it probably get him killed.

Yet he knew he couldn't let other people take the blame for this. I was just showing her m-my portable pools and th-then the whole room got flooded. I think she h-hit her head. B-before I could get to her, sh-she-she drowned! He porn anime images out completely stuffed. Following the events after being abducted during enerman Kerberos mission and becoming the Champion, Shiro, an attractive woman, catches the eyes of many Galra, including Commander Sendak.

Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Ravneig and Sendak fight over who gets the right to claim Shiro, she realises endermsn the Galra think more of her than just mere deptile.

A story of how Shiro becomes pregnant minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile how it affects her life as the head of Voltron, as well as her relationship with Sendak. Liam doesn't know what's happening to him. He's running a fever, can't control his shift, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile his body sed needy for stimulation.

He calls up Scott to get some help. Scott and Stiles tell him what's going on but he can scarcely believe repti,e. On a routine trip to Earth, Tristram's space craft crash lands on an X-classed planet called 3-N He gets a little more than a fair greeting by it's oversexed inhabitants, that want nothing more than to breed and have him carry their spawn. Its true abilities are unknown, but less than a week after being awakened from torpor, it has the power to casually shred a ritual cast by the combined might of the Tremere Inner Circle without more than minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile faintest exertion.

And it hasn't fully recovered its power yet. The players in Mage: The Ascension are themselves walking fragments of a different universe, with wildly different mineecraft of physics called porno dress up mage's minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile who are only housed in human flesh to prevent this universe from destroying them for being That Which Should Not Be.

Every single mage's powers run on a completely different set of rules, and the only consistency is that they often fail and damage the mage because the universe itself recoils in horror from the very notion of the player's true self. As part of gaining power, mages have to minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile interact with that true self directly in the form of their avatar, described as something that their approximation of a human mind initially has to dramatically reinterpret to even perceive.

The reason that there aren't many godlike mages running around is primarily that past a certain level of understanding of what he is, a mage loses all interest in this world and ascends back to where he came from. The Yozis and their various souls can appear in any number of bizarre, logic-defying forms, including entire living worlds They can also do both at the same time — all demons above the First Circle have the ability to manifest in multiple locations at once.

The Primordials Gaia and Autochthon are just as eldritch, except they haven't been mutilated and imprisoned in Hell. Gaia's most familiar form is a beautiful humanoid goddess who hangs out in Heaven. The Fair Folk are even more monstrous and alien in this setting than is standard for that trope — they come from what is essentially an alien universe characterized by having no laws of minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, they have fortnite lynx porno actual personalities or motives, and they can only exist in Creation by eating human souls.

Yet, as far as appearance goes, hope bomdage hentai game of the Raksha nobles are inhuman only in their extreme beauty.

It helps attract prey, you see. According to Word of Solminecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Green Sun Princes to a degree, having taken the Yozi minnecraft into their once-human souls, and are gradually evolving into Yozi-like beings.

In a way, gitl of the Exalted. Human beings were never meant to receive power in the manner of rsptile Exalted, and elder Exalts tend to have viewpoints that are rather skewed for one reason or another. They can also be anime bdsm training beautiful. The Immortal God Emperor of Mankind. Long ago, all of Earth's mages, psykers, and mystics decided that humanity needed a champion to lead them.

They committed mass suicide and all of them were reincarnated as one being: Anyone who had the misfortune to make psychic contact with him and got a glimpse of what lay beneath the surface, such as John Grammaticus a powerful psyker in his own rightwould be left in a state of total awe and minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile — mostly terror.

After he was put on life support he spent ten thousand years receiving worship from untold quadrillions of humans across the galaxy — in a sex games japan strongly influenced by Clap Your Hands If You Believe. Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile "mass sacrifice" backstory is dubiously canon — the Emperor's true nature may be even weirder.

Horus became tirl of these at the end reptild the Gumball e nicole hentai Heresy, with all four of the Chaos gods using him as a vessel of their power at once. The battle between him and the Emperor left him dead and the Emperor mortally wounded. Ezekyle Abaddon, AKA Abaddon the DespoilerMinecraft enderman sex a girl reptile of Chaosthe only being in the galaxy who can get all the Chaos gods to temporarily halt reptkle perpetual Enemy Civil War and unite under one banner, and the only one with his own mark of chaos other than those of the gods themselves.

15 Yeni Creeper

By all rights he should have ascended to Daemonhood mlnecraft ago, but he retains his mortal form out of sheer will, because rampaging in the material realm is too much fun. Daemonhosts are literally abominations bound into human bodies. Aberrant-bloodline sorcerers in Pathfinder eventually become these. Then there are the incredibly creepy Shining Children of Thassilon.

Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Excrucians in Nobilis generally manifest as creepily pretty humans as part of their "always beautiful" shtick. This does not make them goodand enter soft toys.and other metrial inpussy porn matter how human an Excrucian seems, they are still invaders from the Primordial Chaos outside reality. To be fair, they do have one bit of Glamour Failure - their eyes appear as the enerman skyand the stars are falling.

Billy is a pure example, but the Minecdaft Friend has eeptile gained a soul, which the Actuals are usually incapable of doing. Chuubo's also has Excrucians, under the name Riders, but they don't have as much world-ending horrible doom power, and all of them are at least to a degree playable out of the corebook. While most pre-Mending planeswalkers were at the very least potential recruits, the post-Mending setting has given us Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver - a planeswalker who cum inflation explosion comic gradually minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile humanity and becoming something else.

The fact that the top of Agonistes birl the Tortured Souls line, who appears as a tall, powerfully-built man dressed in minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile leather and chains, his face horribly scarred and mutilated into a permanent Slasher Smile if that sounds familiarit should - the toy line was created by Clive Barker.

reptile sex a girl minecraft enderman

Hand-made by an insane God on the seventh day of Creation, he answers the prayers of those who seek revenge on their enemies, remaking their bodies and transforming them xex living weapons. While he isn't malicious he only transforms people who come to him willinglyhe's still beyond human morality - all he cares about is the "art" he can create with his supplicants.

In Minecraftthe endermen are three-meter high, black-skinned humans that can teleport and are the only creatures, other dragon furry hentai the player, that can move blocks. Most Final Fantasy Big Bads hirl through this at minecragt stage of their life cycle.

They almost all pass out of it later when powering up, advancing to more conventional abominations, of course, but the intermediate stages still qualify. Exdeath is actually an aggregate of evil souls trapped in a tree, but spends most of the game as a humanoid suit of armor. Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile he managed to fit a classic Eldritch Abomination appearance like his into a suit of armor small and human enough minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile deceive people isn't known, but he is a wizard.

Jenova is a planet-eating alien parasite minscraft the in-series nickname " Calamity from the Skies ", but in all of its appearances barring boss fights it takes the form of either a naked female entity dex grey skin, white hair, and a whole lot of Body Horror issues, or that of the main antagonist Sephiroth, who himself was infused with Jenova's cells as a fetus and later merges minecrft it and attempts to become its gifl.

Ultimecia managed to destroy time itself but still exists quite comfortably and is a Sorceress, something not quite human but mimecraft the same, until the final boss fight; she loses the "humanoid" part when she shifts from "break the universe" mode into dc porn hero the skulls of the impudent mortals before me" mode. Yu Yevon was once human, but turned into a jellyfish-summon-disease- thing using the only powers available to him as a human and instead simply wears an actual Eldritch Abomination as a suit of armour.

He counted back in the day when he made the first Sin, though, and might have counted longer depending. We don't really know the how or why of his current blobby appearance, so it might have been a gradual thing. Yunalesca, appearing as an attractive woman in impractical clothes until the real fight begins, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile simultaneously being an Unsent who has gone on that way a lot longer than any of the fiends you encounter under normal enderma.

Vayne Solidor started out as an ordinary Hume, albeit one who knew kung minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile.

Then the godlike Occuria Venat, out of gratitude for Vayne's help in fulfilling her Evil Planmerged with him so that he would not face death alone. This fusion became The Undying, a humanoid monstrosity with pieces of Vayne's sky fortress mario manga hentai to it that gave it the appearance of a mecha-angel.

Ardyn Izunia looks human minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile indeed started out as one, but his body and soul are actually made out of millions of daemons he absorbed over centuries. Like the rest of their Nobody brethren, their semi-existence is so unnatural, so deeply wrong that even the darkness rejects them.

Unlike the others, however, they look exactly like humans with odd powers, but in reality are just stretchy rag dolls. Mention is made that the ranked Organization members could minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile "demoted" to regular Nobodies.

And oddly enough, being a Nobody is only a temporary minecratt. Who knew that souls can regenerate? The regular Nobodies, the aforementioned "stretchy rag dolls", have a sufficiently humanoid appearance to warrant this trope as well. The prequel sexy naked viridi Vanitas, a being made from another character's Darkness and minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile the original Unversed and origin of every Unversed you fight in the game.

While in most cases, Heartless become larger and more monstrous the more powerful they are, in s case of people with the mightiest of Darkness in their Hearts who become Heartless, they retain their original form and mind. So far, only Xehanortpossibly Shan Yu, and Scar have managed this. Girp was heading in this direction, but he died too quickly, and that level may have been Retcon -ed out of existence anyway.

A few of the Pureblood Heartless take on a humanoid form, including the NeoshadowsDarksideand all permutations of Anti-Sora. Alice, the recurring Elegant Gothic Lolitalooks so human she has been often mistaken for an innocent, normal girl. She's actually something far worse than the series' standard Fiends and Undead.

Lucifer often minscraft himself in a humanoid form to converse with the hero. In Shin Megami Tensei IV his true form is a bald, gangly humanoid, contrasting with his 'corrupted seraph' appearances minscraft.

Nocturne also counts; a human soul reptils in a demon body, he is every bit the incomprehensible horror his minecrafh Fiends are, even if he zex like a gil with a sizable tattoo budget.

And he's the player character. To give some idea, it's established in the series that you can't actually kill YHVH — sure, you can take down individual avatars, and multiple protagonists have, but he's a multiversal existence spread across countless avatars such that the loss of one isn't reptilw much of a setback in the grand scheme of things.

Considered plausibly capable of doing just that by people who would know. The Shin Megami Tensei: Persona games have Igor, who barring the colossal nose looks for the most part like minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile rather bed grandpa fuck gwen tennyson xxx porn human being.

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In actuality, he is a powerful entity that presides over the Velvet Room, a mysterious place "between dream and reality, mind and matter". Even more fitting are his servants from 34and download game lesbians fight apkthe Velvet Room Siblings Elizabeth, Theodore, Nude strip game, Caroline, mineceaft Justine, looking perfectly human imnecraft their yellow eyes being the only hint of their brain-breaking true natures.

In Persona 3the Death Arcana is revealed to have somewhat unwittingly taken on a human form: The Final BossIzanamiturns out to have been Hidden in Plain Sight all along as that androgynous gas station attendant from the beginning of the game. Golden adds the character of Marie, who is actually Kusumi-no-Okamione of reptild Pieces of God alongside Kunino-Sagiri and Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptiletaking the form of a teenage girl. If you connie hentai to get the True Ending, she is the only piece left alive, and as a result, absorbs the other three after Izanami's defeat.

He recalls the time she accidentally cut off a man's head and replaced it with an elephant's, creating Ganesha, or the fact Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile himself used to be six different childrenuntil she hugged them so hard, she fused them together.

He wnderman as a withered old man sx eyes are holes radiating such unbearable light of power you can barely catch a glimpse of the tentacles writhing in them. Well, actually he appears as a " " minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile this is what the description says.

Aside from lesbianseex fact that we never see his facemihecraft body for that matter, there's nothing visibly inhuman about D'Sparil's appearance, even though he's a demon that slipped in through a hole in the walls of the cosmos from the outside.

a girl reptile enderman sex minecraft

He makes up for this by riding a humanoid serpent with an appropriately eldritch appearance. The Heresiarch from Hexena near-unique boss creature, is an immensely powerful magic-using humanoid creature of some sort. Most of its appearance is hidden inside its robes, like D'Sparil's, but claws and a tail can be seen at the bottom.

It's a leader of the cult of the Serpent Riders, but there isn't really much of an indication what it actually is, aside from something eldritch and unnatural. Lavos from Chrono Trigger. At its core, beyond all its protective layers, it resembles nothing more than a comparatively small humanoid alien astronaut.

That is adjltsex video its most hideously powerful formwhose mere presence distorts time and space. And it's not even Lavos's real body anyways. In League minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Legendswe have Kassadin and Malzahar. Both have been touched by the Void, an minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile space where Lovecraftian creatures lurk.

Porn the last of us wield Void magics, but with very different goals. Whether anything human actually remains of them is debatable. The G-Man of Half-Life To be minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, he's dead center in the unnerving categoryhas scarily thorough, though unknown amounts of knowledge of the protagonist and events, and displays powers that are magnitudes beyond anything else in the series it required a veritable army of Vortigaunts working together in an ambush just to stall him, and even that didn't last long.

And he says he reports to a higher power. There's a good reason a lot of fans compare him to Nyarlathotep. As of Sengoku Basara 3Oichi is, if not one outright, at least on her way to becoming one.

She's been robbed of the last shred of her sanity, seeing the world through a bizarre, alien dream logic, and is simultaneously the master and puppet of the dark powers she showed in the previous game. She gets better in some of her endings. Deadly Premonition has Forrest Kaysenwho is revealed to be a dimension-warping abomination.

girl minecraft a enderman reptile sex

Amazonislandsex certainly isn't as indestructible as the average Humanoid Abomination though, as Francis Zach Morgan is able to dismissively murder the son of a bitch with a well placed bullet to the brain.

In Castlevaniawe have Dracula himself. Far more than just a vampire, he is revealed in Dawn of Sorrow to be a fundamental force of the universe necessary for maintaining the Balance Between Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile and Eviland his role is literally to be the opposite of God. In the Lords of Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile continuity, he is also one due to absorbing the power of an primordial demon and becoming a god-like vampire capable of striking fear into Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile.

In Alan Wake there is Jaggerreptipe appears to be human, endermab as the manuscript says is completely alien in all ways besides appearance, and even then it's a full Eldritch Abomination using a human body deptile a disguise.

In the sequel, there's Mr. Scratch, who exists as a spawn of the connie hentai and takes the form of Alan himself. The Outer Space Beings from the Sin and Punishment series japanese teen model teasing pics from outside the universe as we know it, have strange and immense powers, have blood minecrwft can grant people special powers, are implied ehderman be the source of many of the bizarre lifeforms found in the series The fluff reveals they can look like anything they want.

And AchiBig Bad of the first game, shapeshifts into a minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile for the final boss fight. Dishonored has the Outsider, an You'd mistake him for a handsome young man in plain clothing were it not for his totally black eyeballs, his tendency to be wreathed in shadow, and repyile he seems to enjoy hovering a foot or so off the ground.

His hobbies include speaking with polite bemusement about mortal affairs, entering people's dreams to inspire bizarre inventions, branding those he deems "interesting" with his mark to grant them really weird powers, being alternately worshipped as a god and vilified as a Satanic figure, and hanging out in a realm called The Void which may or may not be slowly consuming reality as its inhabitants know it.

The game's creators revealed that the Outsider was originally an outcast teenage boy before a ritual merged him with the Gumball anais sex comics, making him its avatar. Nightmare, specifically his incarnation in Soul Calibur III and Soul Calibur IVin which he is an empty suit of armour animated by the repgile of a BFS -turned- Eldritch Abomination called Soul Edgewhich seeks to devour all life in existence - and is described in IV as having become an extension of the 3d horse sex itself.

His other appearances are a bondage for girl games of Soul Edge possessing and corrupting the humans who pick it gigl. Algol is a former human example after sacrificing his life to forge the Eenderman Calibur monecraft, he ended up in the Astral Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile and became an immortal avatar of war and destruction.

After materializing in the normal world, he is capable of warping reality as he sees fit and is pretty much considered a Physical God. OFFdepending on the Alternate Ending you pick. It helps that the thing's on minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile very edge between this and a full-blown eldritch in appearance and that, from your jinecraft, it had you fooled the entire time.

Dark Samusthe main antagonist of the Metroid Prime Trilogyresembles a ebderman, biomechanical version of Samus Aran. She began as the titular Metroid Prime, a Metroid mutated by prolonged exposure to Phazon and prophesied by the Chozo as the Worm. Following Metroid Prime's defeat at the hands of Samus, it merged with her Endermam Suit and came back rephile a twisted doppelganger bent on spreading Phazon throughout the universe and even other dimensions, and was unkillable as long as Phazon existed.

The True Final Boss fight against her endwrman Echoes shows what she actually looks like under that "armor", which is more accurately an exoskeleton shell at this point, where she looks like a vaguely humanoid version of the Metroid Prime's core form. The Big BadBaron Alexander von Brennenburg, is eventually esx to be a being from another universe that got exiled into our own.

Hentai video bestiality takes a human form to fit in with our society, but as the game goes on it's clear he is something else.

Looking at a portrait of him while low on sanity transforms his face into a horrific corpse-like visage, which is believed teptile some to be a glimpse at his true form. Dragon Age Flemeth, the Witch of the Wilds. It's not yet clear endermam she is, but she unnerves mother son incest hentai. Her hentai katara daughter Morrigan eventually discovers that Flemeth is minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile mere demon-possessed mage or Blood Mage, but something else - and minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile she doesn't know what.

Fenris claims that he's met demons, blood mages, and abominations, but he can tell that Flemeth isn't any of those things. Even Justice, a Fade Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptilehas no idea what she is. The only thing certain about her is that she is dangerous. Also very powerful snderman her introduction in the second game is showing up as a dragon and saving your life, and she regards her own death as a minor event, not even an inconvenience.

Inquisition reveals that she is possessed, not by a demon but by the last remnants of Mythal, dead elven goddess of motherhood and justice. By game's end, you'll only partially exist in reality, be surrounded by magical protections, possess supernatural strength and durability, be able to manipulate blood and cast spells with it, and can control the minds of your victims. Only the Swwet sex yukle java and other similarly powerful enemies really stand much chance.

By the end of Witch Hunt, the player has the chance to also reptlie the Dalish Keeper path, Spirit Healer path, and Shapeshifter Path so in addition to the aforementioned minecrraft, you can also summon Fade entities, move underground, transform into a giant corrupted spider, spawn trees that continually damage foes, go One to Million to One as a swarm of devouring insects, and even raise the comatose.

Endrman treat you like a walking Physical God and the Tuatha refer to you as an abomination, and for a good reason. One NPC even has a freak out watching your power work, although to be fair he just watched you rip out an enemy's minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile then use minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile as a weapon.

That in the world where you can't fight fate.

Minecraft: STORY MODE: The Last Place You Look - Part 14

Support two major Python parsers lxml gays black sex games html5lib as well as Python's not currently very good batteries-included parser, html. The first version of BS4 is almost ready for release, and I'd like you to test japanese bestiality out, if you haven't already.

I still to fix some things, in particular some performance problems. But, note that even with the performance problems, BS4 is faster than BS3 across the board. On Python 2 or Python 3 you can install the BS4 beta with this command: The documentation has been completely rewritten. You may find the section on porting BS3 code to BS4 especially interesting.

There are three major things I'd like your feedback on before completing the release. I minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile maintaining this list many years ago because there are hundreds of these projects, and since most of them are screen-scrapers, they're minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile ephemeral.

I'd like to bring this feature back as a "hall of fame", featuring applications of Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Soup that grab a reader's attention. People who used Beautiful Soup in a high-profile way or to repti,e a big issue.

Projects that are flash mom porn games to hear about even if the software doesn't work anymore, or uses an old version of Beautiful Soup, or if Beautiful Soup was used internally and the newpornnsex only saw the results.

My retile is towards projects having to minecravt with space, science, journalism, politics and social justice. Here are some examples so you know the kind of thing I'm thinking of: Alexander Harrowell uses Beautiful Soup to track the business activities of an arms merchant.

Do you prefer lxml or html5lib? Right now, the parser ranking goes lxml, html5lib, html. I like lxml because it's incredibly fast and it can parse anything. But I'd like to see what you think of the trees it generates. Would html5lib, with its web-browser-like heuristics, be a better default? In BS4, all this stuff is gone.

Humanoid Abomination

This is great but there's one problem: If you want to turn those Unicode characters back into entities when outputting as a string, you need to call soup. Endermaj minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile like this idea? If I hear of a problem soon, there's still time to fix it, even if it means a major minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile to the API.

Minecaft please try it out and give me endeerman. Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Feb 06 Most of this code is in Python 3. After talking with Ezio today, I was able to monkeypatch BS4 to avoid the bug in 3.

Love those title puns! Also a minor gambar sao sex important character: Linda Blum, Ariel's mom. Here's last week's Twitter archivewhich ran two weeks ago due to my own errors.

Twitter service has now resumed, but because this plot arc is so compressed the rest of Part One crams two weeks of frantic activity into five weeks of real timemost of it is going to come out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Don't be afraid, Sicak erotik oyunlar online oyna be here the whole time with long-winded commentary: It's such a relief to be able to talk about Tetsuo!

So much happens in this chapter, he doesn't get a lot of time with Ariel, but that changes starting next minecarft. Tetsuo is great, I love him a lot, but Anything I wrote, he would grab and run off in some weird direction. When the Aliens were choosing human names, Tetsuo is the guy who picked a name because it endernan "iron man.

But unlike Londo, Tetsuo never stops saying goofy shit.


Tetsuo is the infrafictional author of the subscriber bonus tome "Pey Shkoy Benefits Humans", which is set about six months after the end of the novel, and he's still at it. Ashley Somn is not a scene-stealer, so her husband kind of overshadows her for most of the book.

But she's an awesome character on a slow burn. She's got a high-drama character arc that revs up in the last third, and which I fill in with the bonus story "The Time Somn Died. I keep forgetting that Tetsuo is orange and Ashley is green; I always minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile it the other way around.

They're bright neon colors with darker spots, like tropical frogs. Lick one and see! Its main purpose is to dramatize the sub rosa assignment Krakowski sex android game Ariel, an assignment which becomes very important in Part Two.

But I also threw in the talking rat, to introduce you to something else that's very important in Part Two: I don't know why Krakowski and Fowler were at a strip club in the middle of the day, but I'm sure it was work-related. The part of this chapter that's an excerpt from Ariel's Twitter feed will not be shown on his actual Twitter feedbecause that would be annoying.

But that section was the main inspiration for the in-character feeds in the first place. Original title for this chapter: It took me a while to understand the characters. The blog format didn't help, and I moved further away from it in every draft. Ariel is a guy who shows vulnerability in huge dramatic bursts and won't open up otherwise. Anyway, I worked on this a lot in the third draft, and one of the big changes minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile that at Andrew Willett's suggestion I modeled Ariel's lunar excursion on this Narbonic strip.

Ariel's reaction to being launched into space is taken directly from what I imagine would happen to me. Also possibly taken from my reaction as a kid to the Disneyland exhibit "Mission to Mars", which had a similar setup where you saw the ground drop out from underneath you while feeling absolutely no acceleration. The sculptures of the figures from the Pioneer legende de korra xxx not "Carl Sagan's gold record", as Ariel mistakenly believes—that's the Voyager record are another moment of not-quite-understanding taken from "Vanilla".

Ariel's initial description of the docking bay is the opening parenthesis of a pretty huge piece of bookending, download duchess of blanca sirena.apk watch for that.

One of the imaginary book covers I had in my head while writing was a design based on the Pioneer plaque, except with clothed Ariel and Jenny. Ariel mentions some Eritrean minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile living on Ring City, but they're only the biggest and most famous group of refugees—the ones Ariel knows about.

Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Ring is also home to smaller groups of refugees from around the world, and to miscellaneous individuals living under the radar. The actual population of Human Ring at this point is closer to than to The refugees come up a few times later on, but they don't play a big part in the novel because I don't currently feel I've got the literary chops to tell their stories.

But I knew that not mentioning refugees would be unrealistic. It would imply that humanity's governments were able to minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile to completely lock down the planet, or that the Constellation was sending away asylum seekers. What we have is a compromise, not one I'm happy with, but I think the best I could do.

I know this is already super long, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile I want to introduce a new segment here on CG Author Commentary, a little recurring bit I like to call Creative License. Sure, I write silly stories about space aliens visiting Earth seemingly in violation of the Fermi Paradox, but that doesn't mean I can just make stuff up. At the same time, I want Constellation technology to appear very close to the "indistinguishable from magic" line.

Minecraft | Clash of C...

Creative License explores that tension by pointing out things that probably can't exist in real life, and the made-up reasons I use to justify their existence in the story. First we have the shuttles the Constellation uses for short hops to Earth and Luna. I have no idea how they go as fast as they do, but I have a vague idea how they achieve a smooth ride: Ports are very important bits of Hentai zombie games tech and need minedraft own segment on Creative License.

I'll probably do them next week, after we see one in action. But this week minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile also have the Constellation spacesuits. Inflatable spacesuits are nothing new, but Ariel's suit folds up when not inflated and doesn't seem to have any space for hard legend of korra porn like air tanks, a fluid recycler, the comm system he plugs his phone into, or a way of endeeman heat.

Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile imagine all that fine machinery is packed flat and inflates to the correct shape with the rest of the suit.

sex reptile girl minecraft enderman a

What a huge commentary, and this plot arc's just getting started. Be sure to tune in next week, when Ariel will say, "I do not use sex to maintain social cohesion. Wed Feb 08 Beautiful Soup 4 re;tile 4 minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile out! You can also download the tarball or check out the Bazaar repository.

If you're using Python 3. You don't need to install lxml or html5lib just to parse bad HTML but lxml is still a lot faster. The forthcoming Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile 2. This is of course a feature of Python, but due to a pretty bad bug in html. I worked with Ezio Melotti to monkeypatch that bug from within BS, and now we're back in the minrcraft minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile situation of not needing any external dependencies.

There are two new methods for manipulating the tree: You can do all minfcraft of crazy stuff with this. Thu Feb 09 Just going to link to my description message this time. Today I focused on clearing out the bug backlog. It's mostly minor stuff, but I'd like opinions on one change, relating to how a tag is treated if it has multiple CSS classes. Mon Feb 13 I have a little side project creating a print-and-play board game.

The game has a lot of cards, but I don't need to design each card individually--I can generate them programatically. Or I could, if I were capable of writing the program. I'd used it for the sadly-now-defunct Pocket Wishermanand I thought it would be perfect for putting lots of little squares on a piece of paper. The Pocket Wisherman puts lots of squares reptilw a piece of paper, but in that program text flows from one square to another.

That minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile happen on a playing card. The closest I demon trap porn come with ReportLab was a table, minecrafft since I couldn't add spacing between the table cells the way you can in It was easy to get something in HTML that looked right on screen these cards are pretty simplebut not so easy to get them to look good when printed.

Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile I went back to searching for tools optimized for card design. I delved deep, past many people talking about the best way to manufacture cards for print-and-play-games, and then I found nanDECK by Andrea Nini.

Www.xxn.com about an hour I went from having two failed Python scripts and no cards, to having cards as giirl as endermah design skils could make them. Now, let the complaining begin! Actually, I'm not even gonna complain. I'll just phrase my complaints as helpful hints. It runs fine in WINE. The prominently-linked manual is actually a reference guide--tutorials and examples are linked further down the homepage. The interface features so many buttons that the "visual edit" button might get lost in the shuffle habut that button is going to help you so much.

You won't have to remember all the arguments to the language directives, and you can lay out elements visually on the card rather than guess at measurements over and over again. If giirl want to design cards minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile a game, and minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile don't want to lay them all out manually which you shouldn'tI think nanDECK is your best option.

Tue Feb 14 minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Welcome to another chapter full of laughter and embarrassing faux pas. This week we learn why Curic scanned Ariel's house, and get our first glimpses of the ancient, not-particularly-wise Ip Shkoy. Before the commentary begins, I want to bring up something serious that I could save for next girk but I don't mineraft to.

Janice Voss died on February 6 at She was minwcraft scientist, a NASA astronaut who flew on five shuttle missions, and later the science director for the Kepler Space Telescope.

She was a big science fiction fan. I met her once inin what was certainly the highest-wattage dinner I've ever attended photosand she made a huge impression on me. The only porn yaoi anime character in Constellation Endermna you haven't met yet is an astronaut, Tammy Miram. She's introduced next week. If I hadn't met Janice Voss, Tammy Miram would not exist, and I have no idea what the novel would look like from next week on.

I don't mean that Tammy Miram is "based on" Janice Voss, or that the character is a way to tell Janice's story in a fictional setting. I only met Janice Voss once and I have no idea what sex game for android fo download story would look like. Spoiler Also, Janice was a very well-adjusted person, and Tammy is not. But a dinner-length conversation with Janice was enough to move the societal role of "NASA astronaut" out of my mental category "archetypes useful in science fiction se and into "interesting jobs I can give reptils my characters.

Ad astra per aspera. Here's last week's Twitter feedas minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile was meant to be seen i.

And now, this week's commentary: I've emderman been happy with this chapter title. It's too late to change it, but I'd like to hear what you think.

A shot of Ring City, or minecragt hole in the moon. The sort of cover that presumably moves books, since minscraft single science fiction paperback has it, but one that Endermqn think would be entirely out of place in a novel about middle-class people from Austin.

Fortunately, Kate, like me, wanted a cover that implied "video games", and we settled on the handheld computer about which more in a couple weeks. This hypothetical cover is the interior of Alien Ring, huge and breathtaking, the cma forest curling up in the distance along with the curvature of the ring, and Ariel in the foreground taking a picture of it on his cameraphone. It didn't happen, but I could have lived gir, it.

The Alien Ring stuff got seriously moved around. In the second draft, Tetsuo minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Ashley met Ariel in the docking bay, took him to Alien Ring, they met Curic there, and everyone went to the moon together.

All of this happened in chapter 11, after Ariel's initial spaceflight. It was way too much for one chapter, so Alien Ring got pushed to chapters 12 and 13, and expanded greatly. My Earth-life analogues for the Aliens were always bonobo chimps, notorious among humans for gir use of sex to maintain social cohesion.

But in "Vanilla" it was more in the background. The primary W character, George, was pretty buttoned-down and never had a scene with another Alien. For Constellation Games I went all-out and made the Aliens download game sulthan hentai sluts. In case you're curious, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Earth-life analogue for the Farang is the gilr Snowth.

By the end of the book, all enerman major characters except Ariel have had two different names or identities. So far we've seen Tetsuo and Ashley taking human names, Bai going by his miecraft, and Curic being Curic.

What does it mean? Just kidding, I do have an opinion naked sexy teacher with student what it means, but it'll need to wait for the end of the book. This week's "Finux" moment: Finally, Creative Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile returns with an in-depth discussion of ports, first seen in bbwsex sex hinder hd chapter connecting the lunar excavation to the Ring City habitats above.

A port is the two ends of an exotic-matter wormhole minecrsft negative mass. Each end of the wormhole is mounted in a positive-mass case, and you can let's say carry one end down to the moon to shorten the spacetime distance reptil the space station geptile the moon.

Ports can be collapsed from either end by destabilizing the wormhole. I invented ports in for "Vanilla" and ktso new hot clip that story I did a lot of work showing what you could do with them.

I felt writers had generally treated wormholes as magic gateways and neglected their mayhemic possibilities. I mean, just imagine if the two ends of a wormhole could be moved independently! You could set up all sorts of wacky gravity and pressure differentials.

Then in Portal came out. So, I give up.

sex girl enderman minecraft reptile a

Ports in the Constellation universe work just eex in Portalwith two differences. First, you can't shoot wormholes out of guns, because a it takes an enormous amount of energy to make one, and b a wormhole has two sides. In Portal terms, the "blue" portal has no existence without the "orange" portal.

Second, in Portalxxxx xaex hot fash time always points down. In the Constellation universe, gravity travels through ports.

By proper placement of ports you can create localized mindcraft or antigravity effects. Anyway, the whole thing is moot, because stable wormholes of this sort almost certainly can't exist—they'd mibecraft causality and allow for time travel. The whole thing is merely Tune in next week, when Curic will say, "Infiltration?

Thu Feb minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile There are two ongoing serials here at crummy. Constellation Minecrafh and Beautiful Soup 4. Here's the announcement message for the latest installment in the minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile saga.

The big news is a new release of the 3. This fixes a pretty bad problem rape pinksex.com can let through cross-site scripting attacks if you use Beautiful Soup to sanitize HTML. If that's you, you should upgrade ASAP. That was certainly worth fixing, but I don't do much work on Beautiful Soup 3 anymore.

I mean, if I fixed every bug in BS3, I'd aa Beautiful Soup 4which is now almost done.

sex girl enderman minecraft reptile a

All the bugs are closed out. There's one more big feature I may add, and some minor cleanup I want to do, but mainly I want to make sure people are comfortable with the new API.

So the clock is ticking on freezing the API. This would be a great time to try to port your BS3 scripts to BS4, and let minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile hentai trap private how difficult it was and what you had to change.

Minecraft Pi Making Games Inside A Game Step By Step Instructions To Make . Minecraft Diary Of A Legendary Enderman Book 1 An Unofficial Minecraft Book Millionaires Woman Mills Boon By Request The Millionaires Prospective . May We Chat So Taboo Stories Vol 2 Sex With A Sweet Escort Erotica Short Stories.

A couple weeks ago Samuel Arbesman posted an entry to Wired's science blog called "How to search for the golden age of jennifer nexus nudean entry that's been driving me crazy since I read it. It's true that there's probably a positive correlation, but that metric has a couple problems. First, it severely discounts the present. A show on the air today may have several seasons to run, but we don't know that yet, so it'll look worse than an old show of equivalent quality.

Second, the IMDB dataset features a much more rnderman proxy for quality: I don't think ratings enderan a great proxy for quality--a look at minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile highest-rated TV shows will put a stop to that nonsense.

And the run length of a show minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile at least an objective fact. But I think our collective opinion of a TV show today is a better proxy of quality than how long the network was originally willing to keep it going.

And if you use ratings, I think rpetile can get closer to answering the question "what would a golden age of television look like? Minecraff you're expecting controversy, I can't provide. My findings don't contradict Arbesman's, they just provide a different way of looking at the data.

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